Basic Disclaimer and Terms

Explore the Trade Easier terms and conditions, and if you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.

Trade Easier is a financial technology platform that was created to assist users in information analysis and aggregation. The information on the site shall NOT be considered trading or investing advice. Information on Trade Easier is provided to assist users in research and their due diligence process before making a financial decision. Trade Easier recommends consulting with a professional, licensed financial advisor before making any financial decisions

Note that the Trade Easier utilizes third-party data information in order to operate. This third-party data is not guaranteed to be accurate and may be corrected without notice at any time by our data providers. The Trade Easier site as detailed in the official Terms of Service, is offered ‘as-is’ without warranty or guarantee of any kind, this includes the use of our market data providers.

Trade Easier does not share or sell your personal information for advertising or marketing purposes. Additionally, we don’t share your personally identifying information with any third parties, except when it is required by law.

Also note, that the Trade Easier site and platform utilize several market data providers. In some instances, different providers are used for the same purpose. This overlap is done to ensure all data is provided in the most real-time state possible while avoiding potential query volume limits placed by the market data providers. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user of Trade Easier to confirm the accuracy of data on the site before conducting any investing or trading. Trade Easier recommends conducting outside research or consulting with a licensed financial advisor.

Market Data Providers

The data provided for all information across Trade Easier for all asset classes is provided by one or more of the following market data providers: IEXCloud, NASDAQ, NYSE, FINRA, Intrinio, FMP, and FinnHub. On each page, there are a multitude of sources for market data, therefore it is difficult for Trade Easier to disclose the direct source due to site constraints. All data should be considered incomplete, with errors or omissions, and should not be relied upon without additional research. This is due to our market data providers having the ability to update data as needed, without notice. The Trade Easier site is solely for informational and analytical purposes. Neither Trade Easier nor its several data providers shall be held liable for any errors in market data displayed. Data and site may include errors.

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